Shower Screens


Our standard shower door uses 6.38 white laminated glass which meets all Australian  Safety standards, it also contains a stainless steel pivot which  can be located to match any application required. Our standard frame colour option’s are polished silver or Anodized though as an upgrade, can also come in Black or white.


Due to the compact nature of caravans and RV’s some shower openings are narrow. NBC Products has developed a full opening door to create maximum width for more comfortable use.


One of our other products we offer is a sill less shower door which is neat and tidy also allowing a full opening and gives you an alternative from using the unattractive piano hinge that has only been available. The sill less shower door is mainly used for ensuite which allows you to have easy access to cleaning as there is no obstruction on the floor.


As we are aware weight and durability is a major concern to all manufactures and caravan users. NBC Products has introduce a lite weight shower door.

The shower door is made out the same robust frame as all our other products.

The only change is in the glass we use. We use 4mm safety glass with 2mm white perspex on the inside and meets all Australian standards of safety. By using this product we can reduce the weight of a door up to about 7 kg depending on the size of the door.

Our light weight doors come in a small range of colours.

They are:

  • White opaque
  • Black
  • Grey smokey mirror
  • Silver mirror